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Dodds comes to see Benson at home and encourages her to take another week off. She doesn't want to. She and Noah are both going stir crazy. Dodds asks how she is and she admits she is not doing well. 

On an airplane, a male pilot touches a female one's shoulder. Soon there is turbulence and the plane appears to be crashing. The female pilot, Tara, has locked herself into the cockpit and won't let Captain Carter in. Passengers comment that she must be a terrorist while he breaks down the door. Tara is screaming DON'T TOUCH ME as she is dragged off the plane.

SVU is called in because Tara is claiming to have been raped. Airport security doesn't believe her. Benson questions her and she says Captain Carter raped her. She claims that it happened several months ago and she was promised a promotion if she dropped her complaint.

The CEO of Optimum Airlines claims that he has to hire female pilots because of EEOC rules but they are hard to find. The PR officer says that Tara has been spiraling out of control for a long time but no one would ground her because it would look bad if they removed their only female pilot from duty.

Barba says the case will be hard to prove. SVU questions Tara further. She says it happened several ,onths ago and that she was promised never to fly with Carter again.

Carter is being called a hero and Carisi says he doesn't think they can make the case. Dodds agrees ad orders them to let it go but Benson says that Tara was raped. Dodds warns her the feds are gonna be unhappy with her.

The other crew members claim Carter is a hero but Tara's sister has photos of bruises Carter left on her that are consistent with rape. Tara is convinced to call Carter and he makes a vague confession. SVU arrests Carter when he appears on the Today Show. He threatens to have Carisi's badge.

Carter's lawyer thinks they have no case. They go to court.

Tara testifies and the defense attorney implies she's just angry at the airline because she didn't get promoted fast enough and was grounded for a while.

Barba thinks angry women don't play well to the jury. CEO Fleming goes on TV and claims Optimum treats its female pilots very well. Benson realizes Logan might have more victims.

Benson interviews a pilot named Jeanne who quit after getting her promotion. At first Jeanne won't talk to them but eventually admits she was raped too.

Carter is found guilty. Barba is not satisfied because the airline got away with covering up bad behavior.

Barba convenes a grand jury and makes a case for grand larceny because the airline stole the womens' dignity.

Meanwhile, Fin warns Dodd not to play around with trying to fire Benson. He has some memo that Dodds is not happy that he has.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 11 Quotes

Woman: She's gonna kill us!
Man: She's an Arab. I saw her.

Benson: I think if Noah and I have to spend another day together, we'll both need straitjackets.
Dodds: How is the little guy?
Benson: He's great. He's stayed up past 10 o'clock every night this week and last night I let him finish an ice cream sundae while watching cartoons in my bed.
Dodds: And you?
Benson: I'm good, as long as I don't close my eyes.