I like my job. I like social work. And I'm gonna need the paycheck because... Alejandro and I are starting a family.


Melanie: They put cameras in my hotel room. They told everyone I had a disease. Can they get away with that?
Rollins: I hope to God not.

Mr. Prince: If you saw something...
Mrs. Prince: Say something.

I get the she said. What's the he said?


So I... I'm not a virgin anymore.


Ryan was a complete gentleman the whole night. That's what made it so special. I think we may be falling in love.

Melanie (interview)

Mr. Prince: We tell our bachelors to treat all the women as if they were our daughter.
Fin: You have a daughter?
Mr. Prince: No.

About Melanie crying rape? Please. She signed a waiver.

John Valentine

You know these reality shows are all fake?


Sonny: Did you see what I just saw?
Rollins: She wasn't acting. Did they just air a rape?

Benson:I'm sorry, can you turn this off?
Tucker: Or throw the TV out?

Munch: I've been teaching him an important life lesson: be anti-authority.