This is just a domestic murder with a bit of glitz.

Pamela Bozanich

My father had this creed he had us learn. 'Today I will be master of my emotions. If I feel depressed, I will sing. If I feel sad, I will laugh. If I feel fear, I will plunge ahead. I will be master of my emotions.'


How can I help someone who did that to his parents.


We knew they were going to kill us. Dad always threatened that. That he could kill us and get a new family


Judalon: You said if I went to the police, I’d be dead in 2 minutes.
Dr. Oziel: Well guess what? It’s going to be a little longer.

I can't talk anymore. I need to be quiet. I need my Bible.


I can’t imagine what kind of pain would provoke that kind of violence.


You don't owe those parasites a photo.


Erik: I keep thinking of him, sitting there, encouraging me.
Lyle: Yelling! He was yelling at you Erik.

Just remember what dad taught us, master of our emotions. If I feel fear, I will plunge ahead. You're a Menendez. You're going to do great things.


Everybody thinks we were this perfect family, but we were a disaster.


Mr. Reiner, who wants to be our attorney general, is at war with the most basic social contract we have, the doctor-patient privilege. Anyone of you who sees a doctor, or consults a lawyer, or confides in a priest, minister, rabbi, had better be worried, cause Mr. Reiner doesn’t give a damn about your privacy. Someone has to stop him, and we will.


Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers Quotes

15 shots from a shotgun... those poor people were blown to bits. Point blank to the face, back of the head. That is capital 'A' anger. There's only one thing that can generate that level of anger. Family.

Leslie Abramson

Every time something bad happens here, the good citizens of Beverly Hills say it's got to be the bangers, or the mob, or Charlie Manson. Always an outsider, cause nobody bad lives in Beverly Hills.

Detective Zoeller