Your own music? Your own drugs? That's my kind of party.


Riggs: I'm sorry about last night, you know, not being sociable with your friend.
Trish: I appreciate that, but I shouldn't have pushed. I was out of line.
Riggs: No, you weren't. Look, Trish. At some point, I'm going to need a little push.

And yes, I look forward to checking out of this place, but no I'm not going to punch my own ticket.


Det. Cho: I hope Riggs knows how lucky he is.
Murtaugh: And, I'm 100 percent sure he does not.

If I abandon this ship, there's no one there to keep him afloat.


That's what this is? You guys playing matchmaker?


You know the funny thing about Riggs? He can be on a sabbatical even when he's with someone.


Don't burn your one bridge out of wherever it is you are.

Dr. Cahill

Captain Avery: Do you know what a centerboard is?
Murtaugh: A centerboard? No.
Avery: It's part of a sailboat you can't see, but it keeps the boat upright and allows it to be steered. That's you, my friend. That's why I put you with Riggs. It wasn't an accident.

I could have put Riggs with anyone. I chose you.

Captain Avery

This is why I don't leave my loft. Hypothesis proven. People suck.


DJ Girl: Owls is super underground.
Riggs: Oh. What a great thing to be.

Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

DJ Girl: It's a silent disco.
Riggs: Yeah. My favorite kind of disco.

Riggs: What's with the hi-tech ...
Det. Bailey: ...wireless headphones?
Riggs: Yeah.
Det. Bailey: Came with the corpse.
Riggs: Maybe he's from the future.
Det. Bailey: Maybe he hasn't been living under a rock for the past five years.