Admiring the Art - Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 10
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A guy passing out drugs in "owl" baggies gets shot when he goes outside.

It's breakfast at the Murtaugh house. Trish wants Roger to invite Riggs over.  There's discussion about Roger, Jr. not going to a dance, because the girl he texted and asked never responded.

Murtaugh gets a text about a "dead body" in Koreatown.

Murtaugh tells Riggs about it in the car on the way to the crime scene, but Riggs isn't paying attention. He invites Riggs to dinner, but Riggs has to think about it. He's distracted.

The dead guy is a party promoter. Det. Bailey meets them at the scene, gives details. Roger follows a blood trail to door into the dance club, which is still going on. There's no sound, because everyone is wearing the hi-tech headphones. Someone hands Riggs some drugs. The DJ tells them no one can hear them.

Instead of shutting down the party, the disco girl gives Riggs a pair of headphones. Murtaugh tells DJ girl what happened and shuts down the party.

They question DJ girl. Dead guy's name is Adam. The drug is called Owls, named after the chemist who made them. They are not drugs, but supplements. Not illegal.

Murtaugh and Bailey meet with Scorsese and he tells them about the supplement. He analyzed it (including taking it) and it's completely legal. He's high....completely on overdrive.

Riggs is talking to Dr. Cahill. He's eating her salad. She thinks he's depressed. Of course, he avoids getting into the deep of things as he's called to follow up on a lead about Owlsley.

Owlsley turns out to be a girl. She lets them in her apartment.  She's making the drug as they talk. She tells them she hasn't left the loft in three years. Riggs kinds of like it, because he's sort of like that. Staying at home and doing nothing, not going anywhere. She tells Riggs about an app that will deliver booze to your house.

Murtaugh asks about their business disagreement. Adam wanted to distribute the drugs to a Koreatown gang. Owlsey didn't want to do it. They take Owlsley downtown to look at mug shots when they are shot at by gus in a blue car. Owlsly freaks out and runs home.

Avery is talking to M&R about Koreatown and introduces them to Det. Henry Cho who will help them with the case.

Cho compliments Murtaugh's hat. Riggs is acting very strange. Riggs wants to split up. He goes alone while Cho and Murtaugh go together following different leads. Sort of like Scooby Doo.

What a strange episode so far. Riggs goes to visit Owlsly. Riggs gives her a file of pics. She points out the guy.

Murtaugh and Cho are out at lunch. He's complaining about Riggs. A contact (dumai??) lady comes and they ask information if she knows aything and it turns out that the guy they are looking for is in the lounge next to the bar. Murtaugh gets a good look at him. Cho wants to wait for backup while Murtaugh wanted to charge right in.

Murtaugh is using Cho as a sounding off board. Riggs shows up and he and Murtaugh have an argument about waiting for backup. Riggs is not too happy that Murtaugh wants to wait. The guy sees the cops and starts shooting.  A shootout ensues. They didn't need to wait for backup after all. The bad guys found them. The guy they were going to accost escapes. His name is Kang.

Murtaugh is in Avery's office complaining about Riggs. Avery tells Murtaugh why he chose to put Riggs with him. I love Kevin Rahm. He tells him about the centerboard of a sailboat and how it keeps the boat upright and that Murtaugh is the centerboard and that's why he's with Riggs. To keep him upright.

Riggs is at the vending machine when Dr. Cahill finds him. Riggs talks to her about Murtaugh's "anger" issue. She thinks Murtaugh is worried about him and is expressing it that way.

Riggs shows up at the Murtaugh house. She's setting him up. Hahaha. She sort of looks like Dr. Cahill. Riggs isn't all that interested in the set up. He's just eating away. The girl is trying to talk to him. Murtaugh wants him to tell Kate how he spent his weekend. It's funny that Riggs and Murtaugh are having a "couple's quarrel" right there at dinner. 

Riggs finally figures out that they Trish and Murtaugh are trying to play matchmaker and gets upset and leaves. It's a little awkward for Kate. Even as upset as Riggs is, he's still polite. As Riggs is leaving, Murtaugh gets a phone call from Bailey. Cho tells them about the DJ being in danger. Riggs heads over to "Owlsly's" place to get her, but finds her apartment in disarray.

Cho and Murtaugh head to the mall to get Allison, the DJ. She's knocked out. While Riggs is investigating Owlsly's place, he finds her hiding under the floor. She's scared out of her mind and grabs hold of Riggs. He can't even text Murtaugh.

Riggs wants to know what they were looking for, but she tells him she has no idea. He finds a picture of Adam.

Murtaugh and Cho are at the hospital with Allison. He's the kind of partner Murtaugh always wanted. Someone who understands him. They go into talk to Alison. She tells them they were looking for money. A half million dollars. Cho and Murtaugh figures out that Owlsly was lying.

Riggs figures out that Owlsly was in love with Adam. She killed Adam and pulls out a gun she hid in her computer. Riggs is drugged up. She gave him a drug via skin. Probably when she hugged him. She needed a head start.

Riggs is trying to deal with his highness while trying to chase after Owlsly. He's stoned and it's actually kind of funny to watch him walk down the street. Riggs sees Owlsley being taken somewhere by the blue car and jumps on it. He's high while being on the car. It's sort of funky.

Murtaugh is still complaining about Riggs to Cho as they were headed to Owlsy's place. Riggs falls off the car, and Roger picks him up. 

They chase after the blue car. Riggs' southern accent really comes out in the backseat scene as they chase after the blue car carrying Owlsly. 

All Cho wants to do is call for backup. Murtaugh makes Cho take the wheel as Murtaugh shoots out the tires per Riggs' suggestion.

Riggs chases after Owlsly who is in shock. She tells him she overdosed on the medicine. She basically just committed suicide in front of him without doing it in front of him. She must've taken the pills still in the car or after she got out of it.

She knows he's feeling the same way she is and talks about her pain. Then she dies. Once again another sad moment on Lethal Weapon. Lots of laughs and then tears. Par for the course.

Murtaugh and Cho are having a "goodbye lunch." Murtaugh is thanking him for all his help. Riggs is in the morgue with Scorsese. Dr. Cahill comes in. She's concerned, because of Owlsly's death. He tells her he's not going to kill himself.

He visits Trish and Murtaugh, brings a bottle of wine. He thanks Trish for trying to set him up and tells her that although he doesn't want to now, at some point he's going to need her to push him. Riggs leaves.

Roger, Jr. was asked by three girls to the dance.

Riggs is at the Silent Disco just listening to the music. 



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Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

DJ Girl: It's a silent disco.
Riggs: Yeah. My favorite kind of disco.

Riggs: What's with the hi-tech ...
Det. Bailey: ...wireless headphones?
Riggs: Yeah.
Det. Bailey: Came with the corpse.
Riggs: Maybe he's from the future.
Det. Bailey: Maybe he hasn't been living under a rock for the past five years.