Wendy: If we're going to have a locavore Thanksgiving it's going to take planning..
Victory: and a BB gun. How do you get a meal out of Central Park anyway? Is there a recipe for stewed squirrel in here?

He may have been late to the summer of love but he was determined to be the last leaf

Joyce [about Wendy's father]

Wendy: How's the game going?
Shane: I'm not watching, it's just on in the the background
Wendy: What's going on in the foreground?

To you it's Thanksgiving, to me it's just Thursday


Shane: Do you have another pillow?
Wendy: What do you need another one for?
Shane: For your mother's face

Joyce: Who's Max? The husband?
Wendy: The dog
Joyce: Whatever happened to just bringing a bottle of wine?

Wendy [to Joyce]: The important thing is that you're here
Shane: That's one theory... can I get you a scotch, Joyce?
Joyce: Are you having one?
Shane: I'm having two

Wendy: Why do i hear a baby crying in the background?
Nico: It's Charlie
Wendy: Charlie? As in the spawn of your cheating husband and his evil mistress?

You don't understand I'd have to miss Wendy's Thanksgiving dinner... it's fantastic!

Victory [to client about designing a dress over the holidays]

Kirby: I was just trying to keep up with you, you deserve the gold
Nico: I already have the gold

Victory: Go!
Roy: If you need me I'm just three connecting flights away

Nico: You are coming. It's my first thanksgiving with Kirby and I want it to be fun
Victory: I see I'm just going to mask my pain and become a performing clown for you guys
Nico: Yeah, do you mind?

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Nico: Victory, you're not gonna get over Joe by sitting at home in your bathrobe stuffing your face with nutter butters
Victory: How about double fisting sleeping pills and hiding under the covers?

Doesn't Thanksgiving already come with a theme? It's like hanging a hat on a hat

Nico [referring to Wendy's locavore theme]