Gilbart: No deal! They are criminals.
Elizabeth: Without your blessing, there will be no Haiti.

Blake. I don't appreciate people with something useful to say keeping it to themselves. So next time, speak up!


Blake: It's tragically ironic, isn't it. The thing I'm good at I can no longer do and the thing I can do I'm not good at. What do you think?
Bob: I think you're a nut job, but I also know you got what it takes or you wouldn't be here. You just need some confidence. Like my mom used to say, if you hide your light under a bushel you'll walk into walls. She also said sanitation was a good field.

Dupont: I refuse your offer.
Elizabeth: I think you're making a mistake.
Dupont: No. I'm testing your resolve. Removing me will take a lot of lives and Dalton doesn't have the stomach for that.

Matt: Danny -
Danny: We have to stay on point. Your words can bring light to the darkness but only if we get them right.
Matt: Danny, I'm sorry about your father.

Dupont is a sociopathic narcissist. That kind of personality is more likely to respond to a threat by digging in than stepping down.


Elizabeth: Give me 48 hours to try to get Dupont to step down.
Dalton: And if you can't?
Elizabeth: Then send in the Marines.

As long as I am part of this administration, I have to be able to do my job. You can't worry about protecting me.


Your sacrifice won't save your country. Your service will.


So the United States with all its fierce might can't intimidate a handful of billionaires?


Blake: Oh God, what if interviews are my Waterloo?
Jay: Okay, calm down, Napoleon.

Daisy: The Haitian people won't stand for this.
Elizabeth: That's what Dupont is counting on.
Jay: There are already protests across the country.
Elizabeth: He's going to use this as an excuse to declare martial law and suspend the Haitian Constitution. Which means Gibaltar is a President in exile, and his visit here did nothing but solidify an autocratic thug's grab for power.

Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

This is Washington. They dispense with the indispensable.


Henry: How's the world looking?
Elizabeth: Oh you know. Drought. Sectarian violence. Bugs.