Rios: Oh God. Don't ya just love gang cases.
Sanchez: I don't think this is gangs.
Rios: Why? The vehicle was found in gang territory with a gang weapon in the back seat....
Sanchez: A gang wouldn't leave the car on the street like that...
Rios: I'm not finished! Speedy and his Third Streeters, they think it was gangs. It was a drive by. Plus I...
Sanchez: Plus you need to watch your mouth.
Rios: Excuse me?
Sanchez: Did you sleep on the floor every night so you wouldn't get gunfire? Anyone in your family shot dead on the street? You spend your career hunting these guys? It's not gangs! And you stop talking to me like I'm your waiter.

Rusty: Great! The rules win! Now you can get rid of me and it's not your fault.
Sharon: I am not--
Provenza: Okay! That's enough! That's enough! now you know that I am not friends with this woman, but if she wanted to get rid of you she could have dumped you in a group home months ago.

Rusty: I've been looking it up all day long on the internet. That whole parental rights thing. If he takes us to court, we're screwed. The law is on his side. We don't have choices. So don't say we have choices--either of us.
Sharon: We can choose how we react.

Rusty: I shouldn't be going to this school. I'm not even Catholic.
Sharon: Just walk around with a guilty expression on your face. You'll fit right in.

Rusty: but he won't like me, Sharon. He'll find out everything about me and--I can't. It makes me feel like I have to run away, to be somewhere else.
Sharon: You can't get to somewhere else because the thing you want to run away from, you take it with you. Where you go, it goes. So before you run away, why don't you give him a really good look in the eye?

Provenza: I thought you were just covering your ass so we could keep our case.
Sharon: I was precisely following the law.
Provenza: God. It's like working for a hall monitor every single day.

Whatever happens next, know I love you.


Provenza: Oh this is a crappy way to make a living. Working with the worst the world has to offer without being in charge.
Flynn: You weren't in charge for eight years.
Provenza: Yeah, but now I'm mad about it.

I downloaded the free version yesterday, and all I had to do was enter a screen name. Mr. Clean.


If it's any comfort to you Daniel, yesterday I was reminded how much good father's are willing to sacrifice for their children. You're not cut out for the job.


Provenza: Yeah?
Flynn: Hi. I'm an everyday citizen looking to make an anonymous tip. There's a man by the name of Rusty's dad who may be connected to a murder. Also, thank you for the fine job you do. You're an American hero and I don't tell you that near enough.

You have been a homicide detective for how long and you still expect life to be fair?


Major Crimes Quotes

We've only been friends for a couple of months, but if there's one thing that's totally obvious about you, it's that you're overconfident.


Provenza: Only once in my career did I jump over a hill while pursuing a suspect. During the riots.
Sykes: Did you catch who you were looking for?
Provenza: No. I lost control of my car and crashed into a Blockbuster. It'll never happen again. There are no more Blockbusters.