Yu: That would violate doctor-patient confidentiality.
Provenza: You're not a doctor!

Woman: Oh my God. Is that really Heather? She was so full of life on Sunday?
Provenza: That's why they call it... MURDER.

Growing older, looking younger.


If you don't think about the dead realtor in the pool, this house is a perfect place for us.


Oh my God that's Heather! She's dead! In the pool!

Real estate agent

Broken sprinkler head. Bad sign.


Rusty: That baby should be put up for adoption. I am not wrong here.
Sharon: Not being wrong is not the same as being right.

It wasn't ISIS at all. Just a regular sociopath, thought there are similarities.


Without a court order you're not taking this body anywhere.

Perhaps your mother has reasons for keeping this baby that have nothing to do with you.


Radio discipline from now on. We do not want the media listening in and learning about this body.


This is our needle and this is our haystack.