Please can we wait for her? I'll be good, I promise. It won't be long. I'm sorry, okay? I'll be good.


Tao: It's a miracle this guy didn't blow us sky high.
Provenza: I'll be sure to thank him when we get downtown.

And tell Mama I'm here.


I don't care. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. Mark cannot be a witness.


And last time you were given special access you abused it.


Tao: I believe this belongs to Mark. Some legos, a book...
Provenza: Mein Kampf?

As for Mark's father, Ava was't sure. Before entering Witness Protection, she was heavily trafficked.


She told me where the money was and where to go if I needed to use the bathroom. But I didn't mind.


Oh my God. Oh... what have I done?

Mr. Miller

She seems to know an awful lot for someone who wasn't in a relationship with Cushing.


What a stupid question. No, he wasn't jealous. Why would he be? And I wasn't in a relationship with Bobby. It was transactional. Safe sex.


Let's talk about what you don't know, or don't remember.