You allowed all of us to mourn Triton's death! You deny us our dignity when you lie! But it's your duty as my husband, to be honest to me in all things. To make me your partner! When you make a decision like this, when you sideline me, it's insulting! This time away, on Earth, it allowed me to step back and take a look at things, to see how people perceived me, us! And I love you and that's never changing, but I'm not going to be just your interpreter. I need to have a say in the things that affect our people, our lives. I am the Queen and we move together or not at all. Tell me, what is the plan?


Medusa: We thought you were dead!
Triton: I was wounded in the attack, but we set a meeting place in advanced, should anything go wrong. Our king felt it be best that Maximus believed that his plan was working.

Maximus: This isn't how I imagined it.
Declan: Sorry?
Maximus: Before, when we went through it the first time, my family was here. My mother, my father,
We were surrounded by people who loved us. That feels like a very, very long time ago. I wanted this to be a victory.
Declan: It is. It is, that you said, the first of a new generation.

Alone at last. Brother against brother. It's not like you hide in the dark. But I guess times changed and us along with it. [laughs] There's something that you might want to hear! Once I realized that you were likely to attack, I enacted a fail-safe, if I die...all of Attilan dies with me! I enacted a measure that will destroy our protective dome. After that happens, it will only be a few seconds until our world is turned into space debris. And since I'm the only one who knows how to keep this from happening, it might be wise to keep me alive...or not. It’s your choice.


Maximus: I need you to believe in me, Bronaja. Trust in me, I'm the king of Attilan! Long live King Maximus! Say it.
Bronaja: Long live King Maximus!

Oh wow, he is so big! I can't wait for him to take us to the moon!


Medusa: Why did I bring my parents up? I brought them up because when you became king, you said you never wanted to be like your own parents or like any other king before you. I'm reminding you that you promised me that you'd be more understanding!
Black Bolt: [signs]
Medusa: Yes he hurt me and there was a part of me that wants him to pay for that, but we have to be bigger than that. So does that answer your question? No, no we don't let him just walk away. We give him a fair trial, we let the people decide!

Karnak: Dear, dear Mordis, it's been a long time.
Mordis: The all-powerful Karnak! Hiding, are we? I've heard that you like to tell your enemies all the different ways you can defeat them. So let me give you the chance to do so right now. Please, show me your genius!
Karnak: Do you remember the first day you came out of Terrigenesis? So scared, so alone. How many did you harm that day? How horrible you must have felt.
Mordis: I didn't ask for this gift!
Karnak: That's exactly what I told the genetic council! But they didn't care, they wanted to put you down. How I pleaded for your life!
Mordis: Black Bolt was just as dangerous! But he was given far more opportunities than I was. It was me who got locked up in that cell!
Karnak: But that is what kept you alive...
Mordis: No! Being locked away is not being alive.
Karnak: Yeah you are right, mistakes were made. But that was then. Maybe from this moment forward, things can be different. can change. Please, be the king that we deserve!


Karnak: One day, six hours, 44 minutes.
Gorgon: Look at you! Good for you!

Karnak: How do I act on a plan when I feel this doubt?
Jenn: You just make the best decisions that you can. Everybody has doubts.
Karnak: I don't doubt anything that I do. At least, I didn't before I hurt my head.
Jenn: You know the people who don't feel doubt are the scariest people on this planet, right?
Karnak: Why?
Jenn: Because doubts are our friend. It makes us question things, helps us find new solutions. Only crazy fanatics don't feel doubt.

Medusa: Hello Maximus.
Maximus: Medusa...great, you have Locus.
Medusa: You better not have hurt my sister.
Maximus: Crystal is...I'd never harm her. I don't want to hurt any of you.
Medusa: Is that why you sent Auran and her soldiers, why you released Mordus because we put him down too!
Black Bolt says that when he gets home, he wants to have a few words with you.
Maximus: Tell my brother...I look forward to the family reunion.

Marvel's Inhumans Quotes

Maximus, right or wrong, he is dangerous. You think you are being tough with him but you are not. He has the ear of the people and he undermines your decisions. You are blind to his intentions. That is one of your greatest weaknesses. Regardless, you have my loyalty. Never doubt that. - Karnak to Black Bolt.

Karnak: What is that?
Gorgon: The little baby car?
Karnak: No. What is that above it?
Gorgon: My hoof!
Karnak: You don't see a problem with that?
Gorgon: That little thing was just banging against our walls. And as leader of the Royal Guard it was my responsibility to do something!
Karnak: Yeah something smart ideally! If the humans on Earth sees th-
Gorgon: No one is going to know that is a hoof.
Louise (on Earth): It looks like a hoof!