It's all right. I'm texting Jesus.


Giancarlo: I believe you.
Becca: Enough to lose the wire?
Giancarlo: I already did.

Miller: You working with us?
Martin: Only on the condition that she isn't harmed.
Miller: You're in no condition to bargain.
Martin: You need what I know.

I am not a traitor but I am gonna find my son.

Becca [to Violet]

No kid should be afraid of his own father.


Becca and I were in love. It ended because she chose her family. That's how I know she's a devoted mother and she's not lying about her son.


Becca Winstone is going down, you just have to decide if you're going down with her.

Agent Miller

Michael: We did it, we're free.
Oksana: Free maybe, but not safe yet.

If my life is the price I have to pay to see my son again, I give it. Because the truth is without him I'm already dead.


Agent Miller: Don't worry, we'll get him.
Becca: No you won't, Paul always gets away.

It's the only thing you've gotten right today princess.

Becca [to Violet]

Paul: So it's better if his first word is shot?
Becca: As long as it's not followed by "to kill".

Missing Quotes

She's somebody's daughter. She got killed for talking to me.


The thinner the file, the better the agent.

Agent Miller