I say a lot of things, Sebastian.

Gregorio [to Sebastian]

Boom! Jackson Pollack!


Sebastian: Hannah usually says please when she gives us orders.
Pride: Get the hell out of here, please.

I think I'd remember if my murderous ex-fiance had contacted me.


Gregorio: What is Pride thinking? I don't fit in with this social set.
Sebastian: I don't know. I think you're rocking that sweater set.

Pride: I'm OK.
LaSalle: That's what I said too. Then [my father's death] hit me like a ton of bricks.

Now put your fancy sunglasses on and get out of here.

Gregorio [to Pride]

You made some bad choices, Ashley, it's true, but you made them for the right reasons. You were protecting your family.

Gregorio [to Ashley]