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Pride is temporarily in charge while Hannah is on leave. An assistant bank manager at a Navy credit union is killed during a robbery by two robbers in clown masks. One of them is John Manning, who is on the FBI most-wanted list. His former fiance, Ashley Curtis, lives in New Orleans, married to a Naval officer. She claims she hasn't heard from Manning, but she made 10 calls to a phone stolen by him. Pride sends Gregorio undercover at a military wives social club to get close to Ashley. She gets invited to go drinking with the group's leaders. LaSalle asks Pride if he's trying to distract himself from his father's death by doing three jobs. Gregorio found a motel keycard in Ashley's purse. Ashley shows sharpshooting skills at girls' night. Gregorio finds packaging for a clown mask in the car of Michelle, the group's queen bee, who is suspicious of her. Pride and LaSalle find the bank money in Manning's room, but Manning overpowers LaSalle and escapes. Michelle used to be a teller at the credit union. Pride tries to bring in Ashley for questioning, but Gregorio makes a scene and drives him off, ingratiating herself to Ashley. Michelle confronts Gregorio, and Gregorio comes on strong, saying Manning forced Ashley into the robbery. Manning comes to Ashley's house, holding a gun on them all. He shoots Michelle when she rushes him, while he takes Gregorio and Ashley to rob another bank for getaway money. He and Gregorio go inside. She stops him from shooting a teller who presses the silent alarm. The police arrive, and Manning hauls Ashley back through the bank. Gregorio offers herself as a hostage in place of Ashley, but Pride shoots Manning first. Michelle survives. Sebastian invited Gregorio to move in with him since she's being evicted.

NCIS: New Orleans
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