Helen: You were seeing someone last year. Why didn't you tell me?
Max: I didn't tell anyone.
Helen: Why?
Max: I don't know. It was fragile, and I just thought that I should protect...
Helen: Protect what?

Max: Why didn't you tell me?
Helen: I didn't realize I was supposed to.
Max: Well, you don't have to tell me, I just thought you would want to.
Helen: And you tell me everything? There's no secrets between us?

I used to do that too, flinch at little movements and sounds. I do that too.


So just so I have this straight, you're letting a random homeless woman live in a hospital closet unsupervised.


You got your way of doing things, I got mine. It didn't work out for us personally, but professionally, maybe we have a future.


People have given everything this year except their blood.


I lie to hide my pain.


Gladys: Did you google him?
Iggy: Gladys, I refuse to believe that's what our profession has come to... Yeah, I did. I couldn't find anything.

Elisa is my child, if biological truth or whatever else says she's not, I don't want to know.


New Amsterdam is officially out of blood.


Operation blood flow is a go. Oh, I should start knocking.