Percy walked into your hospital room 9 years ago, and he's been using you ever since. He promised you vengeance against a ghost that he himself has created. You deserve to know the truth.

Kasim [to Michael]

Kasim [to Michael]: Percy told me that we must sacrifice lives a few in order to save the lives of many, even if the sacrifices have to come from the blood of our own countrymen. Percy [to Kasim]: In this particular case, only one soldier needs to fall. When al-qaeda learns that you've taken this man out, they will welcome you into their Shi'at, and I'll have a man on the inside. Together, we can save thousands.

Kasim: You seem like someone with faith.
Nikita: Oh I don't know about that. Although, I do recall praying for the day when I would find your elusive ass.

Alex: This could never work.
Nathan: It seems like it was working just fine to me.

Michael: You're going to great this.
Nikita: One of us will.

Really, Kasim. If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead.


Sorry, Ari. We've gotta do this again. Strike three here I come.

The first night I meet you, you beat some guy down in the middle of a roomful of people. Alex, you're not normal.


Nikita: All in one piece. Unlike my ego.
Michael: Nikita, the man is gay.
Nikita: So.

Nikita: I don't believe. Birkhoff has all of those computer but he couldn't figure out that my seduction target isn't into women.
Michael: When did you figure it out?
Nikita: When I realized that he was paying more attention to you than to me.
Michael: I do make an excellent honey trap.

Nikita: Please Michael.
Michael: Please what? Don't do this me?
Nikita: Don't do this to us.
Michael: There is no us. There never was.

Nikita: I wanted to be the one to help you kill Kasim. So you could leave Division.
Michael: I've heard this all before.
Nikita: It's still true.

Nikita Season 1 Quotes

Birkhoff: Nikki's alive. Who do you think let you out of your cell? I own this place.
Michael: What?
Birkhoff: I figure if Nikita can keep giving Division the finger I can at least cross mine behind my back.

The future is what I'm worried about.