Frances: Is that why you don’t want to kiss me?
Tony: That and it would involve leaning and I don’t think I could do that right now.
Frances: I’ll catch you.

Delilah: I saw you last night eating sugar and cake. It was actually kind of sweet. You actually seemed kind of mortal like the rest of us giving into temptation.
Masha: I was trying to connect with the little girl within me.
Delilah: Did you?
Masha: Not yet.

Carmel: OMG! Am I in trouble?
Masha: No, you’re not in trouble, unless you’re trying to kill me. Are you? Someone is sending me nasty threats.

Lars: Why? What’s about to happen?
Masha: For starters, you are about to happen. Your whole life has been about tearing down. You target the bullies and destroy them. The question is, have you ever nurtured anything?

Zach: Why do you keep telling everyone we weren’t close?
Zoe: You’re not real. You’re not real.
Zach: I’m standing right here, Zoe.

I get sick of pretending, pretending to be okay, okay with me. Okay with his happy life, okay with pretending to be happy for the sake of my kids. Happy that it doesn’t bother me to see married couples, even unhappy ones, do what married couples do, like fucking in a hot tub! Why does that trigger me?”


Jessica: Sometimes I wish I could surrender all that money. I really hate that money.
Ben: I guess there’s no going back, right? Unless… we spend the money on projects we used to be passionate about like we did in high school.

Lars: I think the world is a tough place for a kid right now
Zoe: Was it a tough place for you as a child?

Masha: What do you need?
Delilah: I need you to stop fucking Yao.

I read your books. All of them. There’s not a hint of truth in any of them. They’re so gimmicky. You don’t dig in. You just take a little bit of romance and the topical cocktail of your choice- sexism, racism, ableism. There is no story at all, just isms.


If you cut me out of your boring decisions regarding your guests again, I promise you it will not end well


I have been feeling unlike myself part of today. Carmel says she isn’t herself and my husband is definitely not himself so I ask again, are you drugging us?