Keon: I totally blew it today with Grace. I never should have said anything to Dr. Hamilton.
Wolf: Look, I don't know what Grace is going through, but when I was a sick kid, friends would send my dad helpful suggestions.
Keon:: Like, tips on parenting?
Wolf: Nope. Like tips on Leukemia: diets, yoga, shark cartilage. What they didn't understand is that we were going through that every day, or that no outsider was gonna find a solution within five minutes of Googling cancer that we hadn't already tried.
Keon: Was there anything friends could have done to actually help?
Wolf: Honestly? Just hanging out with me while everything sucked would have made things a little less scary.

What do we do when we can't save someone? When faced with a battle that can't be won? How do we put one foot in front of the other, knowing it can't be fixed? Can we be brave enough to walk with someone wherever their journey leads? Can we be strong enough to hold them when their world is ending? Can we be soft enough to love the person left behind, even if that person is you? All we can do is our best.


Grace: I just got my life back, but pretending like nothing happened is killing me.
Keon: I feel you because no matter what you do, you're screwed.
Grace: Yeah.
Keon: Then if you're screwed either way, Grace you can just do whatever you want.

Naz: There is one thing I've been thinking about. You asked me why I'm not a doctor.
Dev: Yeah. Yeah. You're smart enough.
Naz: So, nursing is for people who can't cut it in med school?
Dev: No. No. Hey, look, uh ... doctors are nothing without nurses, but nurses are support staff.
Naz: My job isn't to support you, Dev; it's to support my patients. What if it was the worst day of your life any no one cared? Like, people ignored you, walk on by, or they fire empty cliches like, "you'll get through it," as they back away. You need so much for someone to just look you in the eye and say, "You're right, this is shit, it hurts, but it's okay if you fall apart a little because I've got you."
Dev: The day Veer ODed, the doctors abandoned us because there was nothing they could do to fix it. Yeah, I was ... so scared. But then you were there.
Naz: Because I'm a nurse.

I'm here to convince the sick to let me heal them on the lord's behalf, and to check your vitals.


Grace: You're doing all the right things.
Lexi: She's still gonna die. I can drive at 17; how many kids die in car accidents? And yet somehow, I'm not old enough to know that saving Maya's life is worth the risk.

In First Samuel, King David was starving. He went into the temple and ate the bread of Presence off of the altar. Now, that was the holiest of bread, it belonged to God, but He understood that David had a human need that superseded devotion. God will understand this too. He heals, but He also forgives.


Ashley: Where's your father?
Ezriel: He wanted to see if there was anything kosher in the vending machine.
Ashley: There's barely anything edible in there.

Grace: Why did you have to tell him?
Keon: I just ... I just thought, if he knew someone was watching, he'd think twice about trying anything else.
Grace: Who exactly is watching? A couple of junior nurses?
Keon: I didn't mean to make things worse.

Dr. Banks: The reason we don't resort to medical intervention with 21-weekers is because the procedures are extremely painful, and most of the time, they still die.
Naz: So we just throw in the towel? Ebola has a %10 survival rate; should we just send the patients home?
Dr. Banks: A micro-preemie can't consent, and it can't say no. They cry for us to stop but don't know why we're hurting them. Some people think comfort care is the most compassionate medicine.
Naz: But what do you think?
Dr. Banks: There's no easy answer. But her lungs are two little rocks, and she's got a hole in her heart; you're walking mom through next steps. Naz, a mother's instincts? Nothing beats them.

Red: This is your advance on your next delivery, okay? A little something to inspire expediency.
Wolf: That was a one time thing.
Red: Haven't you seen any movie ever? Once you're in, you're in.

Dr. Hamilton: By the way, I could use your help with something.
Grace: What exactly?
Dr. Hamilton: I need your help to put an end to those rumors about me.
Grace: Rumours?
Dr. Hamilton: I know that last surgery really shook you up, and you're still making sense of it. But you know me, I'm not a bad guy. So if I do this for you and trigger this domino, whatever that story is will go away, right?
Grace: Yeah. Of course.

Nurses Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

In medicine, we're trained to be fixers. You have a problem. we have a decision tree that leads straight to the solution.


Naz: Name the major parasympathetic neurotransmitter for postganglionic fibers.
Dev: Ah.
Naz: Acetylcholine.
Dev: Wait. You didn't even look at the card.
Naz: Cards are for people who don't know the answers.