Ask The Rabbi - Nurses
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Ashley's patient Ezriel Schiff gets hit by a car on the sidewalk and thinks God is punishing him for skipping temple to play basketball. He doesn't want to lose his leg because he's training for the Maccabi games in Israel.

Ezriel needs an allograft, which is taken from the bone of a deceased person. His father doesn't want him to have the bone of a goy, Arab, or woman inside of him. They think it is God not wanting him to play ball.

Ashley's mother shows up.

Keon warns Grace that Dr. Hamilton knows she's talking because Keon basically told him.

Keon treats Maya, an 18-year-old with chronic kidney disease who finally convinced her parents to take a vacation. A friend stayed over to make sure she's okay. She collapsed. Her labs say she stopped responding to dialysis. She needs a new kidney or she could die within the week. Her friend Lexi offers to be tested. She isn't a match.

Vanessa tells Naz that if a baby is born at 21 weeks or less, all they can do is provide comfort care. Naz convinces a mom to lie and say her baby was born at 22 weeks so that they will save the baby. The baby's father doesn't want to torture her when she'll probably die. The mother wants to try and save her.

Dr. Hamilton has a boy, Kyle, who is a match for Lexi's kidney and says he can get a domino kidney for Maya if Lexi donates and if Grace will squash the rumors about him. Grace signs a non-disclosure form. Lexi's mom won't consent, so Grace sets up a hearing. Lexi is allowed to donate, but Maya doesn't survive the surgery. Grace steals and rips up the form.

Naz and Dev kiss.

Sinead drinks.

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Nurses Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

In medicine, we're trained to be fixers. You have a problem. we have a decision tree that leads straight to the solution.


Naz: Name the major parasympathetic neurotransmitter for postganglionic fibers.
Dev: Ah.
Naz: Acetylcholine.
Dev: Wait. You didn't even look at the card.
Naz: Cards are for people who don't know the answers.