You have a lot of fun with Junk and Fergie. The two of them equal one adult.


I'm just watching a teamster paint my door a fugly shade of brown.


David: We're actually having fun together. She's the first person who's made me smile in a long time.
Nathan: Just make sure you like her for the right reasons, and not because she reminds you of your sister.

That's right, I'm the sister who actually sleeps with guys.


You're like an evil Disney character who feeds her servants porridge and pays them in buttons.

Alexander [to Brooke]

If Nathan and I got divorced and he showed up with Taylor playing kissy face, not only would I never see them again, no would else would either.


You look good covered in balls.


Good morning, slut! You can get your things and go now.


Alex: Where's Millie?
McKenna: I don't know, call 1-800-SnowNose.

Life on the road was sweet. Living rock and roll city to city. One time the bus driver even let me drive!


Your work should be your passion, not the place you hide when your love life sucks.


Millie: I know you Victoria, what do you want?
Victoria: Is that "I'm sorry" in coke whore land?

One Tree Hill Season 7 Quotes

Sometimes I think we waste our words and we waste our moments, and we don't take the time to say the things that are in our hearts when we have the chance.


Who's the bitch now, bitch?