Zero may not be a size, but right now it's your IQ.

Victoria [to Millicent]

Julian: I don't need kids to make me happy. I just need you, Brooke Davis.
Brooke: What did I do to deserve you?

My wife died. Suddenly and unfairly. But she believed in me. And she believed in what I wanted to do. So I buried her, and I picked out her headstone, and then I went to work. So don't tell me about fortitude. And don't lecture me about dark days. Because this, is far from my darkest day.


Mouth: Television is funny, isn't it? It can erase all your mistakes, or hold them against you.
Dan: It doesn't erase anything. You didn't make a mistake. Remember that.

This is all Alex's influence! That bitch has been a pain in my pilates perfect butt since she rolled in here from rehab and landed here.


Brooke: Millicent has an agent?
Victoria: Yeah, so do those Spencer and Heidi people. Go figure.

You're a huge part of why Clay got fired, and you know it. So why don't you sleep on that.


Who you are is who you are. We're liars. We're thieves. We're addicts. We take our happiness for granted until we hurt ourselves or someone else. We hold grudges. And when faced with our mistakes, we reinvent the past. We reinvent ourselves. At least we try. We're prideful, and we're lustful, and we're incredibly flawed. And eventually, our flaws catch up to us.


Haley: Can Clay fix this?
Nathan: No. As of five minutes ago, I'm not gonna be a Bobcat.

Dan: A little insensitive, isn't it?
Rachel: Not as insensitive as murdering your brother.

We can reach out to the disenfranchised... or something.


I came here last night to take a walk down bad memory lane.


One Tree Hill Season 7 Quotes

Clay: Season is over Nate.
Nathan: For some guys, but's pre-season for next year.
Clay: See that's why I love being your agent.

Green is the new orange.