Your blood pressure's high enough. High about a nice tasty apple?


Rev. Anderson: You know people are talking about us?
Patricia: Fuck 'em.

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I want you to move in with me.


For a while now,,for the first time, I feel like I'm losing.

Reverend Anderson

Why are you so scared? You should be tickled pink, unless you don't believe it's true.


If any poor creature is hungry or thirsty, send them our way, and we will do our best to feed. We share our food with all who are in need.


You can sit there with your smug self-righteous looks on your faces, or you can open your fuckin' eyes to the devil in your midst.

Reverend Anderson

I ain't got a lot in the way of family, so my friends mean a lot to me. I will cross the line to protect them.


You're a cop. You're supposed to represent justice.

Reverend Anderson

Giles: We're all supposed to look out for each other.
Reverend Anderson: Are we? I don't see any evidence of that. What I see is a community looking out for itself. Fuck thy neighbor.

She's not a monster.


You're like a match flickering through the trees in a dark forest. It gives us something to grope towards.


Outcast Quotes

Your mother was sick, and some people in this backwards town are crazy.


Kyle: Do your 12-year-old students notice your condescending tone, or is that just me?
Megan: Pretty much just you.