You're an easy bitch to love but an easier bitch to hate.

Mercedes [to Autumn]

Clifford: You look like a man whose wife has just cheated on him.
Andre: I am.
Clifford: Well, damn.

Clifford: You need some sugar.
Ernestine: All the sugar I need is that black panther over there.

Farrah: What if I fall?
Mercedes: What if you fly?

You know I got ho's and bro's in all different areas, don't ya?

Duffy [to Clifford]

So why were you in such a hurry to leave us all high and wet?

Farrah [to Mercedes]

Brittany: What you doin', Andre? You ain't gonna win.
Andre: Well, I've certainly got nothing left to lose.

Autumn: Corbin, what's you doing here so early in the morning?
Corbin: It's noon.
Autumn: I guess I'm still on stripper time.

Murda: Woddy, where my promos at?
Woddy: You would look good in some lashes and some nails, too. Uncle Murda is the name.

Well, there goes the 'hood.


Well, you just earned me a side of 'not your business' with that salad. Well, I'm going to give it right back to you, topped with a side of jalapenos, because I'm a classy bitch.

Roulette [to Big L]

Brazil: 'Lette, I don't know why you complainin'. Work on the street is you got diverse income streams.
Roulette: Bitch, what you talking about?

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You that heifer that fell asleep under the table after throwing up her whole divorce settlement.

Clifford [to Lauren]

Lauren: Most importantly, everyone needs to wear a mask at all times.
Uncle Clifford: Don't you see what the fuck's on my face?