Corbin: Do you know what it feel like to have the whole world turn their nose up at you?
Clifford: Yes, half-nigger, I do.

Corbin: You gonna offer me a hand with this?
Clifford: Uh-uh. Not the house nigger axing me to be his field nigger.

Now I know giving away babies is something they do in your family. But in my house, we own up to our decisions. We don't just toss them to the side.

Shelle [to Mercedes]

This is like watching my grandma try to set up her wifi.

Whisper [about the rehabbing Mercedes]

Keyshawn: Never thought I'd be back here.
Mercedes: Looks like we ain't got a lot of choice. Yeah, ain't no place like home.

Keyshawn: Do they, like, do this often?
Whisper and Roulette:

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Clifford: Yellow bitches.
Roulette: Yellow bitch. This shit gonna be good.

Murda: So you God?
Woddy: We all God. We all the devil too.

Derrick: Only bad things happen [at The Pynk].
Keyshawn: That's the only place I feel free.

At least [Patrice] own her messy.

Corbin [to Andre]

Mercedes: Are you free?
Pico [showing his ankle monitor]: Much as a nigger can be.

You sure more secretive than a Janet Jackson lyric. All I'm saying is that you got a lot of secrets, LaMarcus. And I ain't gonna be one of them.

Clifford [to Murda]

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Mercedes: Maybe I ain't meant to fly no more.
Clifford: Niggers come to see you fall, not fly. And your injury ain't in your shoulder. It's in your head.

Uh-uh-uh. Ain't no cryin' in The Pynk.

Uncle Clifford [to Mercedes]