You should have drug her back by her teeth.


You can't save her now, James. You crossed me once to protect her, I won't let that happen again.


Kelly Anne: We're just like Thelma and Louise. You know who that is, right?
Teresa: I'm from Mexico, not the moon.

Teresa: It's too late, and you need to let me go. I don't want to hurt you, but I will.
Camila: Are you threatening me?
Teresa: You once told me I was a good partner. We were never partners. It's a lie.
Camila: I'm glad you have such a good memory because you remember my words. Remember this, wherever you go, whatever you do, I will hunt you down.

That is one scary bitch.

Kelly Anne

Camila: You're going to need to drop the charges before it's too late.
Alonzo: Are you threatening me?
Camila: I'm suggesting that you do what's right.

Teresa: If I give these to the DEA she'll never stop hunting us. If I keep these she'll have to think twice. Maybe she'll let us go.
Kelly Anne: It's a big maybe.

Kill her and burn whatever rat nest she's been hiding in.


Kelly Anne: I killed my husband. I can't ever take that back. He lied to me, cheated on me, yes, but I took his life. What does that make me?
Teresa: It makes you a survivor.

Kelly Anne: I graduated law school top of my class. I was going somewhere, then I met Cole. I had this dream of us being a power couple. Wasn't long before I realized that all he wanted me for was to smile and look pretty. It's not so easy to do when you're constantly being told how worthless you are. I'm not a survivor, I'm a fool.
Teresa: We're both here because of the men we loved. When I met Guero, I knew who he was. I knew the risks, but I didn't care.
Kelly Anne: Everyone makes mistakes
Teresa: But not everyone survives them. We will.

Teresa: You think it's a mistake bringing him along.
Pote: The lighter the load, the faster you run.
Teresa: You know Camila would have gone after him to get to me.
Pote: If he slows us down it won't matter because we'll all be dead.

You can't depend on anyone, okay, not even me. You need to do whatever it takes to survive.