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Teresa meets with James and tells him that Camila was setting her up and that Camila and Cole were having an affair. She tells James to tell Camila that she also has the paperwork that implicates Camila and if Camila comes after her, she’ll turn them over to the DEA. 

The judge in Camila’s case refuses to throw out the evidence that the DEA planted. He sets her bail at $2 million. She tells James to post it. Then she tells James to find out where Teresa is hiding and they’ll have someone kill her. 

Camila meets with Alonzo in prison. She tells him he needs to drop the charges before it’s too late. Isabel visits Camila in jail. She apologizes for turning on her mother and believing her father’s lies. They both hope for a second chance when Camila is released.

Kelly Anne has her ID scanned at a convenience store when she buys alcohol which helps the DEA track them down. She and Teresa end up at her family’s cabin in the woods. Thinking there’s no way Camila won’t kill them, Kelly Anne takes too many pills and almost drowns in the tub before Teresa saves her. 

Pote brings Tony to Teresa at the cabin. Teresa teaches the boy how to shoot. Teresa recalls how her parents were shot and killed in the church during her First Holy Communion. She feels like every time she runs, people she cares about die. The only way to stop it is to fight. 

DEA Agents Alonzo and Val show up but with no cell service, they can’t call for backup. Alonzo goes in to talk to Teresa, who agrees if they let Pote flee with Kelly Anne and Tony. 

Camila’s men show up and open fire on Teresa and Alonzo. Teresa realizes that the video game James gave Tony has a tracking device inside and that his friendship was a lie.

Teresa and Alonzo fight together to save themselves. Afterwards, Alonzo lets Teresa go because she saved his life, but says he will keep coming for her. She tells him to get in line, but she leaves him with the paperwork that implicates Camila. 

Teresa catches up to Pote. She asks him to get Kelly Anne and Tony to somewhere they will be safe, then she plans to go back to Dallas and take what’s hers. 



Queen of the South
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