Catherine: This could cost Mary her nation.
Narcisse: Well she shouldn't have forgotten that by marrying your son her nation became France.

Feelings? Honestly!

Queen Catherine

Love is irrelevant to people like us.


King Henry: What did you expect? Mary's his fiancee, they were hours from being wed.
Queen Catherine: Until she rode off with his brother. I'd call that engagement off.

Have you learned nothing?

Catherine [to Mary]

France, I think I shall never see you again.


Mary: You are my husband and my king.
Francis: Mary, we're alone. There's no need...
Mary: He's a traitor. And I love you, Francis. I always have. Always.

The book is deadly.


She's not just an alliance. She's a girl.


Our love will die here.


Queen Catherine: I grow weary of your threats.
King Henry: I grew weary of you a decade ago.

Greer: I can't be ruled by desire. It's nothing to build a life on.
Kenna: Isn't it?
Greer: You and Bash? If I have to hear one more tale of the two of you knocking your bed though the floor...
Kenna: Well, the floor is made of stone, mercifully, although we have nearly cracked the bed in two. You can't overlook passion! It's what brought us together.

Reign Quotes

Have you learned nothing?

Catherine [to Mary]

So you're my new keeper.