It's a suicide letter, not an enticement to pilgrims!

Queen Catherine

Francis: Tell me when you want me to stop.
Mary: Never.

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Long live his majesty, King Louis of England. God save the king.

Lord Akers

Love is never simple. Not that I'm any expert.

Greer [to Leith]

Look where our hearts have led us. We've brought you shame.


Duke of Guise: When you disarm, your opponent shoots you.
Mary: We're not at war.
Duke of Guise: Royals are always at war.

Francis: You aren't.
Mary: I am! It's been some weeks now but I wanted to be sure and I am sure. I am with child, our child, at last!

Mary: If I learned one thing at French court it's worth keeping a dagger on you. [whips out a dagger] [Catherine whips out a two pronged hair pin] Poison?
Catherine: You say that so hopefully now, but sadly it's not. I don't carry poison everywhere! I might accidentally kill myself.

All that stands between him and the crown is my head.


Have you learned nothing?

Catherine [to Mary]

Trust is a luxury I can no longer afford.


Francis: I was riding:
Sebastian: Oh, really? Who?

Reign Quotes

Mary: I'm glad that my unhappiness gives you so much pleasure.
Queen Catherine: Your unhappiness gives me no pleasure. Your absence, however...

Ruling requires that your hands be drenched in blood.