Tommy's not the only Rizzoli with a beautiful mind.


Your dress is a real booty call magnet. I got hit on twice, by women.


Maura: I feel very silly.
Jane: You're going to feel even sillier when I push you out with my feet.

Jane: Maura, what are you doing?
Maura: Looking for the oblivion of sleep.

Frost: You look a little naked.
Jane: Excuse me.
Frost: I can see your knees

You also said that conceiving me was the biggest mistake of your life.


Jane: I googled you, you know.
Casey: So you know about the sex change.

Maura: You slept with Raphael?
Jane: We didn't sleep, Maura.

Three wives and not one of them ever looked at me the way my dogs do. They think I'm the greatest man who ever lived.


Popov can't find his own ass unless you put his hand on it.


Tommy: What do I do with him?
Jane: Use two hands.

Jane: Hey Hope, what are you doing here?
Hope: It's about Maura.
Jane: What, you need another body part?