This is usually when Jane says get to the point before she's overcome with the urge to strangle me with her bare hands.


What am I supposed to do all day, lay here and dream about a world without salad.


Maybe he didn't kill her but not telling anybody she was dead probably disqualifies him for the heck of a good guy award.


I couldn't understand how I could have such a sense of loss for something that I never really had.


That person isn't going to be any less dead if I wait just for a little bit.


Remember when I spilled motor oil on my Communion dress. When you were done with it it looked like new.


She seems alright. Helpful. Least likely to leave Cheetos crumbs on the keyboard.

Jane (about Nina)

I'm saying it because I get to say whatever the hell I want. Nobody asks me for scientific evidence to support it.


You'll figure out that book before you figure out my mother.


Frankie: Not the type of guy you want to bring home to mother.
Maura: Not ever his mother.

Jane: I just don't want you to…
Maura: I know, screw up a relationship with the first guy I like who doesn't want to kill me.
Jane: Yes.

Frankie: He didn't seem too shaken up over his boss' death.
Korsak: Which means he's either guilty or he's a 20-year-old street kid who keeps his emotions to him self. I think we should probably figure out which it is.

Rizzoli & Isles Quotes

I'll make sure you're around to achieve your dreams, whatever they are.


I dunno. Stuff.