Because if Alan snuck up on this woman with a knife and she caught him, she'd kick his ass.


In one lifetime we lead a lot of different lives.


Korsak: I know he's in my thoughts, he's in my heart and some people would say he's in this room but detective Barry Frost isn't sitting here.
Jane: It's just a chair.

I'm not an amphibian with unlikely royal ancestry but are you willing to take a chance on me anyway.


The guy who said that he really wanted my body, he meant it literally because he was a serial killer who made sculptures out of dead women's bodies.


Latin card and a metaphor plant? He could be your soulmate or your clone.


Maura: And when I look at him I picture us having sex, if you get my drift?
Jane: It'd be impossible not to.

You have motive, access, and your alibi is not only flimsy it's kind of pretentious.


It'a med school. The budding minds of today will have patients tomorrow. Grade hard. Save lives.


Don't tell Ma. She'll just use me like I'm her personal Genius bar.


Jane: When did you become so secretive?
Korsak: When did you become so nosy?
Jane: Have you met my mother?

There are websites devoted to costumes for cats. It doesn't mean they're not crazy.