You know what they say. The fault's not in us, but in our stars.


Alden: Well. You came into these woods a book work and you're coming out a hunter.
Cotton: A hunter without a catch.
Alden: Ah, but that's good. A hungry hunter is the most dangerous kind.

Rose: I merely saved Salem the cost and your Isaac the trouble of transporting their bodies to the crag!
Mary: Have you met our newest sister?

True malice like that which powers the Grand Rite ferments best in a loveless heart. I have looked into your heart and it is anything but loveless. You still love John Alden.

Cotton: Yes! Speak damn you! Saturn compels you to the truth!
Rose: What would you know?
Cotton: Everything.

I guess I should be happy you bring me to the second most unpleasant place I have ever seen. Great place to interrogate a prisoner, Mather.


And so the queen came to rule the king and all of his kingdom and thus became the Queen of the Night. And so she lived happily ever after.


For it was not by a kiss she might make a frog into a prince, but by a kiss that she make a king into a toad.


Mary: That night she felt one monster on top of her and another inside and she glimpsed what her soul was becoming and learned her first lesson as queen: be careful what you wish for.

Mary: You know the worst part about becoming a queen?
Mercy: What?
Mary: You often have to marry a king.

Mary: Not all queens start as princesses.
Mercy: Some begin in ashes.
Mary: Indeed.

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Puritan fathers don't care much for stories. We women keep them alive.


Salem Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Come on down boys, the darkness is waiting for you!


A witch suspended beneath Saturn as its stationed direct exhaulted in its own house cannot lie. Reputable sources say it's why Odysseus himself dallied so long on Circe's island.