John: I didn't mean to hurt anyone.
Cornell: Yet you hurt everyone.

Amanda, this is dad's other wife. Our father is a bigamist.


You're 43 years old, you still need daddy to wipe your ass?!


My half brother drives a hundred thousand dollar car, and I live hand to mouth.


Eric: My brother's a thief who almost destroyed our company. My half-brother extorted me. My sister-in-law is a pimp,and my father, my father is a bigamist.
Danny: But your wife, she was the real deal.
Eric: Yeah, yes she was. I still don't know who killed her.

Cornell: There's still a bench warrant out for your arrest, detective.
Danny: Since you're not Georgia PD you can't arrest me, detective.

Mrs.Warner: Who are you?
Eric: I'm his son.

John: You called the police?
Eric: No, but I wish I had.

Mrs.Warner: It was nice meeting you, Eric.
Eric: It was nice meeting you too.

Cornell: That's not my case.
CSI Tech: No.The world doesn't revolve around you.

By searching the internet? While you're at it ask Siri who blackmailed you!


D.A.:How are we doing with the Kate Warner homicide?
Cornell:The investigation is ongoing.
D.A.:Well its been 3 weeks, you must have something.