I asked you here so you can translate; I don't speak rat.


Nava: Does this scar have a story?
Harlee: Don't they all.

Harlee: Justice can be slow off the block but she closes fast.
Bianca: She can also be tripped up, all you need are the right friends.

Loman: You want to tell me why I'm looking at a judge.
Harlee: Because he just let a mobster go who knows where I live.

Loman: I'm just saying, okay, it's entrapment.
Espada: The guy bought us a sandwich. Which text book you reading that teaches sandwich entrapment?
Loman: You gonna eat that?
Espada: Yeah, I'm destroying the evidence.

Tess: I might be tempted to…
Espada: To what?
Tess: Pack it all up and run away with the circus.
Espada: You've got a clown phobia.
Tess: See, another bad decision.

She was a cop before you made her a rat.


Woz: Cristina, she's a bright light. You'd move Heaven and Earth for that girl.
Harlee: And Hell too if she asked.

Loyalty is everything, especially now. We have to stick together.


I've lost my best reason to behave. No more secrets. No more boundaries.


You've changed the game, Harlee. Nothing is off limits now.


Stahl: You know what my problem with her imitation of you is?
Harlee: She cuts into your bank account.
Stahl: She gives it up too easy.