Satan: You're back!
Chris: Where was I going to go? Detroit?

We're going to do a play about how alcohol can ruin family life.


We are saving your daughter from the crutches of Hell!


(to Satan) If you're not sexually attracted to someone, then you're not ever going to be. But Saddam isn't right for you either, he's the other extreme. You should try spending some time alone, find the middle ground. That's what I do, because I'm a Buddhist.


Satan: I just don't know which one to pick.
God: Now you've become dependent on relationships.

Kyle: You are so going to hell Cartman!
Cartman: (rolling in money) Suck my balls!

Satan you were kicked out of heaven for being a strong rebel, and now your a whiney little bitch.


(while "healing" Kyle) Right now, all the Jew-ness is coming out of your body!


Chris: Saddam, I get the feeling that you don't like me very much.
Saddam: Gee, whatever gave you that idea? When I stabbed you in the head?

Satan, I'm a 90's man. I cry when I need to.


Cartman: (preaching) Right here we have a little girl who is very, very ugly. Do you believe He is going to cure your face of the uglies?
Ugly girl: Yes!
Cartman: He's going to take that face and make you reasonable to look at!

I haven't talked to God in over 5000 years!


South Park Season 4 Quotes

It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's separation, this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation.

</i> Cartman

Cartman: Suck my balls.
Ms. Choksondik: Present them.
Cartman: What?
Ms. Choksondik: Present: Whip them out and I'll suck 'em.