Why run when you can drive? One more thing they didn't teach you at the academy.


I caught a couple of scenes with Mutt and Jeff. I can't figure out which one's the bigger idiot.


Save the chivalry for Buckingham Palace. There's no place for it on the street.


Most of us go to work every day with a pretty good idea of what's going to happen. As Detective Bryant would be reminded today, cops never do.


I know Russ was your lap dog. Jerk the chain and he'll do whatever.


Little boot's growing up.


Lydia: I am really happy for her though 'cause she's got this guy. He treats her nice. He's great. I just never thought that when my 62 year old Mom moved back in that she'd be having more sex than me.
Russell: Well, she couldn't be having less.

All cops have to make judgment calls they hope they won't regret. No cop ever bats a thousand.


Chickie: I dealt with it for five years, you can't take it for four hours.
John: When he was drunk, he was funny. If I've gotta hear one more thing about AA, I'm going bring back the Daryl Gates chokehold myself.

Josie: In my Newton gang unit days we never needed any help. We worked triples by ourselves. One detective, highest clearance rate in the city.
Sammy: I heard they were weeping in the halls when you left. Why don't you go back.

Ben: The Den Mother?
Chickie: You'd prefer Buzz the Badge Bunny? That's what they used to call her.

Somebody shot Nobody.


Southland Season 3 Quotes

A couple of hours ago little buddy's ripping flesh off a dead guy, now he's sitting on granny's lap getting a tummy rub.


I think I'm going to get a callus on my index finger from pressing the print button on the copier but nobody's shooting at me.