Gerri: Obviously, it's an ethical minefield.
Roman: Sure, of course. But if we took a position of... fuck it?
Gerri: Well, that's an interesting ethical position.

I think the question is what closes this down fastest. Do we say it's something and we'll fix it or it's nothing and fuck off.


Greg: So the question is is it a smart thing for you to be saying we're listening when, when we are indeed listening?
Tom: Why was I not aware of this?
Greg: Well, it's basically legal, the guy said, but he didn't want to put that in an email, so.

Hey, uh, big fan of, uh, all your money.


Is there an angle here for a team-up? Like me, kind of like a Jagger/Tarzan fronting things up and swingin' through the trees with my little dick singin', killin' shit, and you back home cookin' us soup and makin' sure the numbers are right. Hmm? Rockstar and the mole woman?


Roman: I mean, call me sociopathic, but doesn't this seem a tiny bit quaint in comparison to the last few years?
Logan: He's right. It's cultural splashback. We're being punished for the sins of others. No one real gives a fuck.

We've been circling for a fuckin' hour. TELL THEM WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF GAS!


You don't really hear much about syphilis these days. Very much the, uh, the MySpace of STDs.


Logan: Shiv, let's get you out here. I need your help on the optics.
Shiv: Uh, excuse me? No, ah, I am not flying out to Argested to be the face of this.

Logan: Then what the fuck are you doing on the phone, Siobhan.

Gerri: Could you start a conversation in case we need an emergency exit? White knight? Go private?
Roman: With Edward and his loafers made from the skin of, I don't know, what is that? Human rights activist?

Oh? It's difficult? I'm sorry buddy. Would you like a handjob and an Advil? Fuuuck off then.


I guess if you did have somethin' goin' on deal wise, it's kind of like dead in the water now, right? Like some of the women that went on those cruises.


Succession Season 2 Quotes

Logan: Please, stay. Have lunch.
Rhea: Oh, my tummy is very delicate. We really only eat Pulitzer over at Pierce.

Logan: Greg!
Greg: Hey! GregorY!
Logan: Have a drink. Have a drink you beautiful Ichabod Crane fuck you.