You see this? This is why I need to be in National City. There are people doing good there, who are trying to help. If I stay in Metropolis, I will always be the sister of the egomaniacal lunatic. But, if I go to National City, I can be the Luthor that shares her home with a Kryptonian, that helps her put the world back together instead of tearing it apart.


I know you feel you've gone too far to ever be Russell again, but you're wrong. It is never too late to make things right, or, at least, better.


Andrea: Every time I look at you, I'm reminded of all the horrible things I've done.
Lena: Funny, every time I look at you all I remember is pain.

I never needed them, any of them. That doesn't mean they can't be useful.


Lena: What would Rose Dawson do?
Andrea: You jump, I jump, right?

Leviathan Lady: You've really outdone yourself with those contact lenses. I hear they are as omnipresent as one of our plagues or floods.
Andrea: That was you yesterday?
Leviathan Lady: Leviathan is everywhere. And now a problem has come up. We need you to fix it. It's Rip Roar.

Kara: I never would have thought Andrea was a criminal and I was convinced William was evil. How could I have been so wrong about both of them? And now with Obsidian tech everywhere, I mean, everyone's just in these make believe worlds and it's hard to know what's real anymore. I just want some certainty.
J'onn: You know, my biggest takeaway from what happened with Malefic is when the world is uncertain, there's one thing that's rock solid. It's the people who love you.

Brainy: That is the phrase. I've kept it top secret all day. You're welcome.
Alex: Seriously?
Brainy: It's from the oeuvre of Mr. Keanu Reeves.
Kara: Pop quiz hot shot?

Lena: It is my mission to stop people from hurting each other. I will not kill.
Malefic: Perhaps. But, you've gone to extreme measures to bring me here. And now, you are at the precipice. Studying my mind is the key. I know of desperation, human. I know the depths you feel.

You guys all know that I've been doing a lot of soul searching since I left CatCo, trying to figure out what's next. I knew I wanted to give back and I wanted to help people. But, I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out where to put those efforts. And then my extremely wise sister gave me some damn good advice. She said stop trying so hard to figure things out, and just be still and listen.


Alex: How could you ever think that I would say those things or think those things about you?
J'onn: I guess because I thought those things about myself.
Alex: Well, I remember you telling me once that true character reveals itself in times of hardship. And, I know who you really are.

Lena: It did feel good, you and me working together as a team. Now that I know who you actually are.
Kara: Well get used to it because you are now officially a superfriend. We have t-shirts, and a handshake, I'll teach it to you. It's not a big deal, it's a whole thing.

Supergirl Season 5 Quotes

Kid: Thanks Supergirl! When I grow up, I want to be just like you.
Kara: Well that's easy, you just have to fight for what’s right and always tell the truth.
Lena: Always tell the truth, that’s rich.
Kara: Miss Luthor, is everything alright?
Lena: Why so formal? I thought we were best friends, Kara.

Brainy: Strong enough to destroy all life across three solar systems. But we face an even graver problem. Supergirl’s cape has been destroyed.
Alex: Oh, yes, well totally forgot about the risk to life across three solar systems.
Brainy: This is no time for sarcasm!