Matt: I'm not a kidnapper. I got three kids of my own.
Bird: What's the video doing on your hard drive? Listen, you are S1 right now. You have any idea what that means?
Matt: Suspect one?
Bird: It means you're going to sit here until somebody knocks your black ass off my list, or you're going to crawl down yourself. Either way, I have all night.

Casey: She just does it when she's working late. She's juggling so much.
Bird: Does what, Casey?
Casey: I think that's PJ. He's Jane's drug dealer.

I don't work for you, I work for your daughter!


Casey: It'll be over soon.
Lynn: When?
Casey: Tomorrow. Tomorrow we end it.

Cop: Hey Matt. Concealing evidence? That's grounds for a warrant.
Matt: I didn't take her.

Casey: If I'm covering for you, I need to know why. Were you really alone?
Pete: Can we not go over this right now?

Jane: That's not cocaine.
Sheldon: Never said it was.
Jane: What is it?
Sheldon: Special K. It's a trip. First time? Buckle up.

Detective Bird: You know, it's funny. Even in this job, it's hard not to take it personal when people lie to you.
Jane: I'm sorry I lied about the timeline. It won't happen again.

PJ: OK, dude, chill alright? I'm just doing my thing, trying to climb my ass out of the ghetto.
Jane: Oh, shut up! Your father's a dentist.
PJ: I'm talking the proverbial ghetto.

I will die without her. I will die. I mean, what if I never get her back? What if she's really gone?


She's your daughter. You have no idea who you can trust.


Casey: That's a key to Jane's house.
Pete: Yeah, it's Lake's key. She asked me to keep it safe for her.

Ten Days In the Valley Quotes

PJ: I'm out of Addies. Sunday night, a lot of people are on deadlines.
Jane: Really?
PJ: Is this gonna work for you?
Jane: Yeah.
PJ: Yeah, just put on your tab. Is that OK?
Jane: Totally.

Jane: Wait a minute, do you have a secret?
Lake: Sometimes when I'm gone, when I'm with Daddy, I miss you so much that I think I want to go to heaven.
Jane: I know. It's hard, right?