Sarah: There's a fight out there, and then there's our fight here, and bro, you have taken them both on. So you really gonna let Isaiah Bradley get in your head? You gonna let him decide what you do next?
Sam: Isaiah has been to hell and back. If I was in his shoes, I'd probably feel the exact same way. But what would be the point of all the pain and sacrifice if I wasn't willing to stand up and keep fighting?

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that I can't win every fight. And that's cool; I'm okay with that. But this, this is our history. We can't lose this fight. All our struggles as a people, I think about it, and I used to say, “Imma show them. Imma go out and change the world.” Yeah, silly, I know, but when I'd look in your eyes, I could tell you were always thinking that I was running away.


Bucky: Whatever happened with Walker, it wasn't your fault. I get it. It's just that shield's the closest thing I've got left to a family. So when you retired it, it made me feel like I had nothing left. Made me question everything: you, Steve, me. You know, I've got his, uh, I've got his book. And, uh, I just figured if it worked for him, then it'd work for me.
Sam: I understand, man. But Steve is gone. And this might be a surprise, but it doesn't matter what Steve thought. You gotta stop looking to other people to tell you who you are. Let me ask you. You still having those nightmares?
Bucky: All the time. It means I remember. It means a part of me is still there. Which means a part of the Winter Soldier is still in me.
Sam; You up for a little tough love? You want to climb out of the hell you're in, do the work. Do it.
Bucky: I've been making amends.
Sam: Nah. You weren't amending; you were avenging. You were stopping all the wrongdoers you enabled as the Winter Soldier because you thought it would bring you closure. You go to these people and say sorry because you think it'll make you feel better, right? But you gotta make them feel better. You gotta go to them and be of service. I'm sure there's at least one person in that book who needs closure about something, and you're the only person who can give it to 'em.
Bucky: Probably a dozen.
Sam: That's cool. Start with one.

Sam: The legacy of that shield is complicated, to say the least.
Bucky: When Steve told me what he was planning, I don't think either of us really understood what it felt like for a Black man to be handed the shield. How could we? I owe you an apology. I'm sorry.
Sam: Thank you.

Sam: Mr. Bradley, um, we gotta do something; we gotta tell somebody.
Isaiah: No. Leave me dead. My name is buried.
Sam: But the world's different now. I know people.
Isaiah: Man, that's why you're here? You think things are different? You think times are different? You think I wouldn't be dead in a day if you brought me out? You wanna believe jail was my fault because you got that white man's shield. They were worried my story might get out. So, they erased me. My history. But they've been doing that for five hundred years. Pledge allegiance to that, my brother. They will never let a Black man be Captain America. And even if they did, no self-respecting Black man would ever wanna be.

Sam: I need to understand.
Isaiah: You understand. Every Black man does. Whether you wanna deny it or not --
Sam: Don't do that bitter old man thing with me.
Isaiah: If you ain't bitter, you're blind.

Mathias. Mama Donya. Nico. I've lost count of how many others. How many times do we have to pay with our lives just to be citizens of this goddamn planet?! The movement is ready. They're not going to stop. Not unless we make them. It's time.


Look, I would have killed the bastard too. Nobody in there is mad at you about that. I mean, you would've been doing 'em a favor if you'd taken out the whole lot. But these guys in ties, you know, they got a whole thing to protect.


I lived my life by your mandates! I dedicated my life to your mandates! I only ever did what you asked of me, what you told me to be and trained me to do, and I did it. And I did it well.

John Walker

Anyway, all we can do now is sit tight and just chill. Sometimes, there's nothing to do until there's something to do.


Bucky: You okay?
Sam: Yeah. Just thinking about all the shit Sharon had to go through. And Nagel referring to the American test subject like Isaiah wasn't even a real person. It just makes me wonder how many people have to get steamrolled to make way for this hunk of metal.
Bucky: Well, it depends on who you ask. That hunk of metal saved a lot of lives.
Sam: Yeah, I get that, all right. Maybe I made a mistake.
Bucky: You did.
Sam: Yeah. Maybe I shouldn't have put it in a museum. Maybe I should have destroyed it.
Bucky: Look, that shield represents a lot of things to a lot of people, including me. The world is upside down, and we need a new Cap, and it ain't gonna be Walker. So before you go and destroy it, I'm gonna take it from him myself.

Do you remember how scared we were when we took the serum? Felt like my veins were on fire. Prayed it'd kill me. But it was worth it because this world is ours. Should have been Mama Donya's. And we're gonna use all of our strength to give it to the kids in those camps.


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Quotes

Walker: The Dora Milaje don't have jurisdiction here.
Ayo: The Dora Milaje have jurisdiction wherever the Dora Milaje find themselves to be.

Bucky: Maybe you're wrong, Zemo. The serum never corrupted Steve.
Zemo: Touché. But there has never been another Steve Rogers, has there?