Mariana: So I was thinking, you should join S.T.E.M. Club.
Jesus: You're hilarious.
Mariana: No I'm being serious, you should join the robotics team. I think you'd be a great asset:

Mrs. Adams-Foster, you're under arrest for being way too hot.

Fake cops

Matter of fact, I don't think this whole friends with benefits thing is working out for me.


Courtney: Nice to meet you. I've heard so much about you.
Dana: Really? Well all I know about you is you're a young married mother allowing your high school boyfriend to pay for your divorce.

Callie: AJ this is Aaron. Aaron this is AJ, my boyfriend.
AJ: Hey!
Aaron: So you do exist.

I was online and I saw that Connor is in San Diego. Did he tell you he was coming?


Alright, cuteness overload. You two, get together. C'mon.


You invited Gabe?


Damn woman! Come here, give me some sugar!


Kyle: You know I didn't do it right? I would never have hurt her. She was always very nice to me.
Callie: I believe you.

He's having an affair.


Dana: I'm sorry where does Brandon live?
Mariana: With his married girlfriend and her three year old son.
Stef: Mariana!
Brandon: She's getting a divorce.

The Fosters Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Jesus: They can stay in Brandon's room.
Dana: And where would Brandon sleep?
Lena: Jesus!
Jesus: Brandon doesn't live here anymore.

Dana: You are like a foot taller since I last saw you.
Callie: And his voice is like an octave lower.
Jude: No it isn't.
Dana: Oh lord.

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