Miss Marian Brook: Do you like Mrs. Astor?
Agnes Van Rhijn: That’s like saying “Do you like rain?” She is a fact of life that we must live with.

He is Cerberus, snarling and growling, to protect his mystic Rose, as he likes to call her.

Mrs. Aurora Fane

You have a good heart. But I run my own life. Is that clear?

Miss Peggy Scott

If you won’t let me go into society, mother, I must find some society for myself.

Miss Gladys Russell

Miss Turner is no nun, I assure you.

Mrs. Bruce

I always felt I was where I belonged, because I had you.

Mr. George Russell

Miss Marian Brook: Mrs. Russell and Mr. McAllister seem to be getting on well.
Mr. Charles Fane: Why wouldn’t they, when they are more or less the same person?

I know the facts. My husband is dead, that’s a fact. My house is sold, my money is done. And now you’ll turn your back on me like all the other just to keep in with this potato digger’s daughter.

Mrs. Anne Morris

Miss Marian Brook: You surprised me, I grant you.
Mr. Tom Raikes: Let me surprise you some more.

Why should I align myself with either party when I don’t have the right to vote?

Peggy Scott

Mr. Arthur Scott: Dorothy, our responsibility is to raise a child with a sense of right and wrong. I cannot put that aside to play happy families.
Mrs. Dorothy Scott: No. And it’s not a game we are very well equipped for, is it?

I live in a different country from the one you know.

Peggy Scott

The Gilded Age Quotes

I may be a bastard, Mr. Thorburn, but you are a fool -- and of the two, I think I know which I prefer.

Mr. George Russell

I know he feels what he thinks is love, but I disagree with his definition.

Peggy Scott