Shirley: He didn't have to break the house.
Hugh: I don't think he did.
Theo: Me, either.
Shirley: Someone ask you what you think, Theodora?
Theo: Sorry.

Hugh: I, uh, listen. I'm so proud of you. You're doing so well. Keep it up.
Luke: I'm glad you're here, Dad.

I was born ninety seconds before Nell but she was always my big sister.


I'm sorry. I should have made more of an effort with you. You tried as best you could. I should have met you halfway. People fuck up. I guess you don't get that, you don't really get it until you fuck up. Really fuck up.

Theo [to Hugh]

Beckley: You like to fix things. You're good at fixing things. I keep hearing this about you, is that right?
Hugh: I'm not so sure anymore.

Luke: Who do you think did this?
Hugh: Well, if I'm honest, none of us. But you probably knew that already, didn't you?

Hugh: She was worried about a lot more than Luke.
Steven: Like what?
Hugh: She said the bent-neck lady was back.

It's not as bad as it is in your head. But she doesn't look like she's sleeping. So forget that.


Most of what people say at a funeral is a wish. They're at peace. They're in a better place. They're smiling down on us. People just wishing out loud.


He was dead. He was dead. And she was back.


No, dear. Use your cup of stars. Insist on your cup of stars. Once they've strapped you into being like everyone else, you'll never see your cup of stars again.

Mrs. Dudley [to Nell]

Now you stand there and you talk about ghosts and spirits. And you sell tickets for the privilege. And yet you don't believe in any of it.

Nell [to Steven]