Erika: Fuck art, Mario. Start typin'.
Mario: You want me to write about the mafia?
Erika: Yeah.
Mario: How do I tell that story any differently? Everybody knows they steal, they control gambling, they run whores, unions.
Erika: OK. So maybe it's not just a book about the mafia!
Mario: What do you mean?
Erika: Well, the guys you grew up with, they didn't start out so different from you -- immigrants. They eat, they drink, they love, they cry. They worry about their kids' futures, just like us.
Mario: They kill.
Erika: OK, so maybe we don't kill, but maybe this book is about findin' the reason we would.

Every party needs a pooper.


Barry: Look, I'm not going to be around the bush. We need hits. We can't live off of Rosemary's Baby forever.
Bob: Barry, did you, did you read Love Story?
Barry: Yes. Why?
Bob: Did it move you?
Barry: What does that have to do with anything?
Bob: The audience has to be moved, Barry. That's how you make hit pictures. Times are changin' and you need to keep up. That's why I've got the job in the ivory tower, and you don't.
Barry: If you don't string together some hits, that ivory tower of yours is going to come crashing down.
Bob: Oh ye of such little faith. Bottoms up, Barry.

I'm going to make an ice blue terrifying film about people you love.


Mario: So the studio got me a whole house to write in?
Al: No. I got you the house; they're just paying for it.

Mario: That's Frank Sinatra. Fuckin' Frank Sinatra! Amazing. I'm in the same room with Sinatra!
Al: Look, Puzo. Chasen's is not a celebrity petting zoo, OK? Stay here. I gotta go pee.

Bettye: So what's the deal now, then? You gonna go punch Mickey Cohen?
Al: No, but I am going to talk to him.

Al: Baby, you are a fuckin' badass.
Francoise: A badass who still thinks you're hiding something.

Al: So now Barry Lapidis is dictating what The Godfather is going to be.
Bob: Ruddy, Ruddy, Ruddy. Stop being so emotional. Of course, I support Francis's vision. But you gotta read the room, kid. Nothing good would have come from me confronting Barry right then. Fuckin' Barry. Barry is mad at the world because it sees him for what he truly is, a no-talent prick. But, he feels like he got a win, like the big guy on campus. Let him think that for now. It keeps him out of our way.
Al: I mean, I don't know how you're being so relaxed about this. Francis, he's about to quit.
Bob: Said every director who eventually finished their picture. Trust me, Francis isn't going anywhere.

Al: So we don't have to set this in present day.
Bob: Ruddy, how'd you get into my office?
Al: What do you mean?
Bob: You got in because you did something that's not done. You saw something that you wanted, and you went for it. Whoosh. You and I are not like these corporate fucks. We don't play by the book, we write the fuckin' book. Now, you want to be a great producer, you do whatever it takes to get the movie made the way you want to do it. Now, you want New York. Go there. Make some deals. Prove that you can do it for the money. Beg, borrow, I don't give a fuck. Steal. You do whatever it takes. Now, you don't have a long track record, but ya got brains, and ya got balls. Try using both, preferably at the same time.

Al: I mean, I thought he was pretty good.
Francoise: Yeah. He's a little short, but.
Al [laughs]: Yeah.
Francoise: He's got that thing, you know? Charisma. I mean, when he, when he looks at you? It's like you lose yourself in him.
Al: Don't hold back, honey.
Francoise: I never hold back with you, Al. You, on the other hand.
Al: Me on the other hand what?
Francoise: Well, I'm just wondering when you're going to tell me about what happened with Mickey Cohen.

Al: Tell me what's going on, Bob.
Bob: The goddamned mafia put a fuckin' rat in my fuckin' bed.
Al: What?
Bob: A fuckin' rat, wrapped in your book, The Godfather.

The Offer Quotes

Ruddy: Hey, who is that guy?
Mitch: Bob Evans, head of Paramount. That guy's more connected than God, and yeah, he's always that tan.

I had wondered where the beautiful cool cats had gone, and here they are.