People love to spoon, and this requires a partner.


Devon: Here without Nic?
Mina: And eating carbs. WHo are you?
Conrad: Hanging with my homies.

What's a little bit of gonorrhea between friends?


I got a way to save Jessie, but I need to know. How far are you willing to go?


AJ: But if you want to be angry at them, that'd be OK with me.
Mina: Are you still drunk off that?
AJ: Maybe.
Mina: I can be angry for you.
AJ: Thank you.

Nic: It's just you and me now.
Jessie: Good. I like it better that way.

Kyle: There's a reason they don't hand out kidneys to addicts. They use again they destroy perfectly good organs.
Nic: She's your daughter--
Kyle: So maybe in six months to a year --
Nic: She might not last that long...
Kyle: That's exactly my point. Who is it going to help if she has my kidney and she OD's?

Vivian: You were good for me Randolph, at least for my ego. It's only a matter of time before you find the one.
Bell: I don't think that's in the cards for someone like me.

Jessica: I've never heard Dr. Okafor laugh before.
Kit: It's unsettling.

Nic's Father: Look, your sister got here because of her bad decisions.
Nic: Addiction is a disease. She didn't ask for this.
Nic's Father: Neither did you.

I approve. Look. we're all weird in our own way, but if you can find someone whose weird matches your own, I say go for it.


Grayson: Dr. Bell, Dr. Bell, di you give my mom gonorrhea?
Bell: You gonna hit me?
Grayson: No. No, I'm a pacifist.

The Resident Season 2 Quotes

Colleague: Mr. Bell, why is this happening?
Bell: It's Dr. Bell. I recommend thinking before you speak. If that's too much of a challenge, don't speak.

Mr. Toms, your wife brought these beautiful twins into this world together. It's my mission to reunite them in a few hours, and I am not in the losing mood. Rarely am I.