AJ: Hey, what's going on?
Billie: Lately, I've been a little disappointed in myself.
AJ: Really? You?
Billie: I'm afraid to do what that kid was willing to do. Take a big risk for a larger life.
AJ: Listen to me, after everything that you have been through, I can honestly say you are one of the most courageous women I know, and you have nerves of steel in the OR.
Billie: Thank you.
AJ: You're welcome.
Billie: But here's the thing. I haven't been in a significant relationship in, I don't know, a long time for a lot of reasons, my past, obviously. But now I've gone and fallen for someone, who I won't identify, and there are huge potential complications.
AJ: Don't tell me you're afraid the guy will say no. Because that seems inconceivable.
Billie: I'm just as afraid he'll say yes as I am afraid he'll say no. It's all terrifying.

Conrad: Now I'm going to say something selfish.
Devon: OK.
Conrad: Don't break up the team.
Devon: I don't want to, trust me.
Conrad: You can work things out. She's worth it, and all your friends and colleagues are here.
Devon: I don't know. I really don't, but I do know I have to see what else is out there.
Conrad: I get it; you earned this.

Cade: What's going on?
Ian: What do you mean?
Cade: I sense an agenda. Humble pie is not your dessert.
Ian: Kit Voss offered me a job.

Leela: Are you going to take it?
Devon: Do you think I should?
Leela: I can't make that decision for you.
Devon: Is there anything left of us?
Leela: That's on you. You're the one who made it clear that not having kid was a dealbreaker.
Devon: I think the dealbreaker is that you didn't even discuss my feelings about it. You just laid out your rules. Your job. Your body. Your eggs. Your future. Mine didn't even factor in, and that's not what our relationship should be. It was supposed to be a partnership.
Leela: You already made up your mind, and now you're just justifying your decision by blaming me for the fact that you're leaving your friends and the hospital that made you. I can't believe you'd do that.

AJ: I get it. Honestly, I'm terrified of becoming a father. The way it's happening. Padma is loosy, goosy, and I am not. I just think, what if the kid doesn't love me?
Billie: There's not a chance of that, AJ.
AJ: Hey, Conrad and Gigi will be lucky to have you.
Billie: Is it that obvious?
AJ: Maybe not to Conrad. Billie, go tell the man how you feel.

We've got four marriages between us, do we really need a ceremony?


Your hands, gentle, you can always tell how much a doctor cares because of their touch.


Kit: Darling, what is it?
Bell: I can't really see.

Who doesn't like being psychoanalyzed by two totally unqualified people.


Conrad: We have plenty of great surgeons. Your daughter needs you.
Ian: Why don't you just say it? I'm in your way. You want to have Cade all to yourself.
Conrad: I'm her doctor, so, yeah, right now, you are in my way.
Ian: And I'm her father.
Conrad: Well, then start acting like it.

Conrad: Where's your dad?
Cade: He got a better offer.

I lied before. Get me lungs! I'm vaccinated.


The Resident Quotes

Marshall: It's not often that our worlds collide, but about this, I know a thing or two. Doing good isn't black and white, and the shades of gray are unsettling.
Conrad: Oh, I know. I deal with that every day. I don't want to lose myself.
Marshall: Never lose sight of your ideals because once that happens, the steps aren't many to the dark side. Trust me I know.

It's not easy. If it were, everyone would be a doctor because it's the best job in the world, despite everything, because of everything. I'll see you tomorrow.