Conrad: I love you.
Billie: And I love you.

Gigi: I love you, Billie.
Billie: I love you, too.

Kit: We kept our end of the bargain. I want to hear on your word of honor that you will do the same.
Betz: Save my life, and I'll save this hospital. You have my word.

Devon: You know what, you taught me from my very first day at Chastain that if the answer isn't on this whiteboard -- Conrad: Go back to the patient and the initial exams. Have I ever told you you're the best intern I ever had?
Devon: Well, I had the best teacher.

Bell: Bravo! The torch is passed.
Leela: Far from it. We're in this together.
Bell: No, not anymore. You're the lead surgeon. Patient couldn't be in better hands. So if you don't mind, I will leave you to it.

You know, Padma, when my mom died, I felt lost, and alone. I know no one can ever replace her, but my heart feels full, and now I have a family, and I'll never be alone again, and it's thanks to you.


Ian: Look, I'm ready, and I want to help, but there's something that you need to know, first. I was not hiking across Spain these last few weeks. I was in rehab.
Bell: Rehab for what?
Ian: Addiction to pain pills. Uppers, downers, whatever I needed to reduce stress to do my best during surgery, at least that was my excuse.
Kit: Were you operating at Chastain under the influence?
Ian: Yes.
Bell: So you lied? And somehow cheated the drug test and jeopardized the lives of children.

Kit: She is just like her mother.
Billie: I feel like I just saw Nic.

Betz: I am willing to save this hospital. Restore the money that's been cut from my discretionary fund. Out of gratitude.
AJ: Gratitude.
Betz: My personal physician says that there are things you can do to move me to the top of the UNOS list.
AJ: In exchange you're offering to save Chastain.

Conrad: Last night was amazing.
Billie: It was.
Conrad: And so are you. And we should do it again.

It's like musical chairs around here.


Devon: You always make complicated things seem simple.
Leela: You always make simple things complicated.
Devon: That's why we're a perfect fit.

The Resident Quotes

Patient's sister: I didn't know nurses do all that.
Nic: I'm a Nurse Practitioner. We do most things doctors do just with better bedside manner.

When the world around me is irredeemable, I am a righteous man. What kind of man do you want to be?