Robert: How are you feeling Jasper?
Jasper: I’ll live…

It’s a birthday party darling, not a pity party. Oh, and keep your chin up or the crown slips. And besides, it helps to disguise your advanced age.


You know what the best part about meeting your dad is? Realizing your nothing like him. You left all that he stands for and all that he taught you behind.


Being around you, I’ve started to feel something I haven’t for a long time. Like I’m starting to hope again.

King Robert

So much Dutchy, so little time. You can’t spell Bellagio without the O

Jasper's Dad

King Robert: Therefore, as is my solemn duty per the constitution, I hereby announce that Parliament is dissolved. From now on, the mantle of power rests entirely on me.
Queen Helena: Holy s**t.

Well, who am I to stand in the way of what’s trending?

King Robert

Willow: I’d like to be on the list.
Robbie: What took you so long?

Hey, you know why we need light son? Because the world is a dark place. I’ll see you in the shadows.

Jasper's Dad

Queen Helena: What about your children?
Cyrus: Who knows if they’re even mine?
Queen Helena: Trust me, those inbreds are definitely yours.

Get over it cause we are three badass bitches. Four if you count Sara Alice. Without the bitch part.

Princess Eleanor

Dutchy: What have I ever lied about?
Cyrus: Uhm, killing someone!

The Royals Quotes

If he actually did it maybe he actually deserves to be King.

Prince Cyrus

But someone once taught me that, to find yourself, to find your truth, you need to get lost a bit first.

Princess Eleanor