Don’t diminish her light with your darkness. Be better than that.

King Simon

Felicity: I don’t know what drug you slipped my daughter, but I can’t talk her out of marrying into this god forsaken whorehouse.
Queen: I believe it was LSD.
Felicity: Is that supposed to be funny?
Queen: No, just fact.

I’m going back to the Embassy where it’s safe. You're all going to the gallows.


Stay strong. Stay silent. And more than anything else, trust no one.

Queen Helena

King Robert: I’m going to be King and you're going to be my Queen.
Willow: I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

Liam: What’s wrong?
Cyrus: I was the King of England. Now I live in a broom closet, you might want to start there.

Queen Helena: He uses my secret door.
Eleanor: I don’t need to know what he does to you, mother.

Once it’s safe, I’ll find you. Until then, I’ll miss you. I already do. He’s not wrong, you do look amazing. Now, let’s go convince my brother you still have feelings for him.


Willow: I nearly drowned her, the Queen of England. I nearly suffocated her in a vat of chocolatey goodness.
Eleanor: There are worse ways to go.

Willow: What happened?
Eleanor: Ugh, well, someone drugged you. And then you lit yourself on fire. And then you pretended to be a ghost. And then you knocked yourself unconscious.
Willow: That’s exactly how I feel.

Queen: Robert, walk away.
Robert: Don’t tell me to walk away. I’m the goddamn King.
Queen: You’re my goddamn son and this is my goddamn birthday. So, if I tell you to walk away, you’ll goddamn walk away.

Dutchy: Oh, well I’m sorry dear, but you absolutely cannot date your brother's ex. It’s poor form.
Liam: So is killing people.

The Royals Quotes

If he actually did it maybe he actually deserves to be King.

Prince Cyrus

But someone once taught me that, to find yourself, to find your truth, you need to get lost a bit first.

Princess Eleanor