He's the guy that all the girls want and you got him.

Ben [to Amy]

I'm glad I have a boy. I can't stand the tears.

Grant's dad

Ricky: No alright, I care, I love you.
Amy: Yeah, you love a lot of girls.

You know how much you love John? I love you more than 17 times that much. And no one is gonna treat my little girl like that.


It's not my fault Adrian didn't have any friends to invite to her shower!


It's funny how one little argument can destroy the entire universe.


The whole world is high school.


Let's just let sleeping dogs lie, eh?


Get out of this house!!

George [to Ben]

Ben, this is a chick fight and chick fights are dangerous.


Amy: So you're saying this all happened because I tried to do something nice for Adrian?
Lauren: Yes.

Amy: You're going out with Toby tonight?
Ashley: Yes, I'm going out with Toby tonight.
George: Yep, she's going out with Toby tonight.