You're just gonna say no to me? You know how I am.


So that's your excuse now for not having sex with me? You haven't finished your homework?

Ricky [to Amy]

You didn't come over to thank me for the shower; you wanted to tell me how well things went with Ben.

Amy [to Adrian]

Okay princess, let's get you into something that hot prince is gonna wanna rip off of you!

Saleswoman [to Adrian]

You know the quiet ones will always surprise you.


It's me, I could tell you had sex.

Adrian [to Grace]

I'll tell you what's wrong! I used to be the sexiest girl in this high school and I don't know if I am anymore.


Love? You're too young to know what love is.

George [to Amy]

We gotta be men here Ben. We gotta admit we made mistakes and want to change our minds.


I want Adrian to move in with me.


I heard religious people get all filled with the spirit and have crazy sex.


You win, you're moving in with Ricky to an apartment over the butchershop. And I'm marrying Ben...whose family owns the butchershop.

Adrian [to Amy]