I feel like I've got two sons sometimes and both of you are getting in over your heads.


Tell me anything you want dad, because I am listening to you even though you are not listening to me.


Can't you just be an independent woman?

Ashley [to Amy]

I was just trying to impress you with my lack of social skills so you'd think I was perfect company for the dark one.

Toby [to Amy]

George: I had a date with Ricky's mom.
Ashley: Oh, the married one or the gay one?
George: Did everyone know but me?!

I do have one regret, I regret that we waited the whole summer to have sex.


Who do you think you are Ricky? There's no "we'll see" in this relationship.

Madison [to Jack]

Are you like...actually turning me down for sex?

Madison [to Jack]

Don't ask him, just do it. Stay over one night and then never go home.


We're all too young to be getting married and having babies.


Ashley: I do not want a friend.
George: Well you're gonna get one, and so am I.

I heard you asked Ricky to marry you. Nice one girlfriend, good luck with that non-traditional approach.

Adrian [to Amy]