Yeah, you better run, you feeb motherfuckers!


Frannie: How come we never figured out we were having the same dreams?
Harold: Well, I suppose we have one or two other things to think about.

I'm sorry. Am I the only person here who saw this guy's goddamned eyes turn black?


Stu: Jesus Christ.
Larry: Wouldn't that be nice.
Stu: Someone crucified this man, Larry.

Frannie: People will panic.
Glen: Yeah, maybe. Maybe not. You'll be surprised what people can handle if you give them a chance.

Are we having the same dream?


My wife didn't like potato chips. Can you imagine someone not liking a fucking potato chip?


Nadine will be my queen.


I'm very pleased to meet ya, Lloyd. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Flagg: You didn't happen to do a little chomp on this fine fellow on the bottom bunk by any chance?
Lloyd: That couldn't have been me. That must have been somebody else.
Flagg: You see, one of his legs is lookin' a bit thinner than the other.
Lloyd: I don't know about that. I don't know nothin' about that.
Flagg: Hm?
Lloyd: Yeah. Look about the same to me.
Flagg: How'd he taste?

How long you been shitcanned?


Rita: This is stupid.
Larry: What is? This rain or being stuck here with me?
Rita: No. Being alive, while everyone else is dead. It's like being the last people to leave a party.

The Stand Quotes

As far as we can tell, everyone who comes in contact with this thing gets infected. Everyone but you, and we need to find out why.


Jim: Ralph Hodges and you, you were the only ones who made physical contact with Campion, right?
Stu: Are you telling me they're all dead?
Jim: I am.